The Nog Makers Are Working Hard!

What is Nog•Fest?

Nog•Fest is a Christmas Costume party overflowing with egg nog, laughter, costumes, decorations, beer, music, dancing, frivolity, silliness, commaraderie, friendship, hugs and lots of love!

In 2007 …we had the “Final Nog Fest” the logo even said that! (once things are on a logo, they are true, right?). That was the 20th consecutive Nog•Fest. We thought 20 was a nice number to end with. Well, if we would have kept going, this year would have been the 29th, but we didn’t ...

We THOUGHT It would be the last Nog, but as I have always said, “never say never”. It had become and uncontrollable monster, but it was a monster that we loved... (mostly). So after eight years of NOT having Nog•Fest we sorta started to miss it a bit, and missed the silliness and friendships that came with it! People were still talking about it and I think others missed it too! So, this is the 21st Annual Nog•Fest, 8 years late!

If you want to learn more about the history of Nog•Fest, go to History tab!

The Basics

Saturday, December 10, 2016
starting at 6 pm
See complete Schedule of Events on the the Details tab.

Convenience Electronice Inc.
4405 Triangle Street
McFarland, WI 53558

Note: There is a long driveway, the building is back from the road a bit. You can park in the lot to the left of the driveway, or the big lot at the end of the driveway behind the building!
AND....Harry moved his business since 2007, so, this is a totally NEW venue for Nog• don't go to his old office.
see map

A Noggy outfit of course! What do we mean by that? well, see that slide show above? well, that will give you an idea! Keep in mind, costumes are NOT mandatory, but they are encouraged. You may feel silly if you DON"T have one on in fact! It's just more fun that way, and that is what this is all about!
Find out more about costumes on the Details tab.

Glad You Asked!
There are a few things you can bring besides yourself wearing noggy attire and overflowing holiday spirit! Are you wondering what? Find out more about what to bring on the Details tab.

Your Invitation!

Click on image to download your letter sized invitation!
Hang it on your fridge!
Yes! You are invited!
Please Download this very colorful invitation that I spent way too much time making! (that's just what I do). I recommend you hang it on your refrigerator to remind you not only to go, but to WORK ON YOUR COSTUME! (it also could be the only thing close to a Christmas card that you will get from the Lums this year!)

THERE ARE TWO VERSIONS OF THE INVITATION, one is letter size for ease of printing (be sure you have a brand new cartridge of toner in though!) I also made an 11 x 17 version because I know some of my friends are very young at heart, but well, their eyes don't work quite as well as they used to... so the text is bigger on that one, and there is a bit more fun stuff to read too! If you dont have an 11 x 17 printer.. email it to the UPS store and have them print it, or print it at work!! yeah! (although many people who need to print out the big one don't work anymore... hmmm... well, ask a working friend to print it at their work!)